Integrative Therapeutics




The Eyes & Vision


Benjamin Clarence Lane, OD



Whenever Dr. Lane lectures in China and India he prefaces his remarks by paying tribute to our forefathers and noting that marketers from Europe and Africa beat paths to their doors to obtain their spices and learn their cooking methods. In the days before refrigeration and rapid food transport, their methods of cooking and spicing foods helped reduce spoilage, enabled consumption of partially spoiled foods, and tremendously expanded the availability of food, saving millions of lives.

 Today, we have refrigeration and disease-free water supplies.  While we salute our forefathers for their achievements in cooking and spicing, we now can do much better to build healthier, more rewarding lives with nutrient-dense quality nutrition!

A. Is it “moral” to make foods taste irresistible?   Translating the previous sentence: Is it health-giving to trick us into eating  a food that otherwise our appetite mechanism would reject and discourage us from eating or from eating so much?

B. At least as to the foods that it is OK to eat in the clean but otherwise fresh, raw, unprocessed state——we become CONNOISSEURS of QUALITY.  Undoctored vegetables taste wonderful not simply by being vegetables.  They taste good or excellent raw and undoctored only when they are excellent quality, not when they are dried out and woody.  Excellent quality broccoli tastes excellent raw; poor quality broccoli discourages consumption in the raw state.


“In the Vanguard of Dietary Research and Integrative Therapy in the Prevention and Reversal of Eye and Vision Disorders”

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