It is the Institute's mission to conduct and promote dietary research and integrative therapy in the prevention and reversal of eye and vision disorders. 




a)         To promote and participate in properly designed nutritional research, nutritional epidemiology research, and ergonomics research;


b)         To promote in the public interest the dissemination of nutritional, environmental, and  ergonomic information and services concerning eye care and vision care;


c)         To aid the facilitation and application of this information in the enhancement of clinical practice (i) by combining these missions to promote the publication of research reports in peer-reviewed journals, both in hard-copy printed form and in the electronic media, (ii) by serving as a consultative resource to established educational and therapeutic institutions and healthcare practitioners, and to corporations interested in nutrition and vision care subject to Board approval. (iii) by sponsoring and/or co-sponsoring lectures and courses in nutritional optometry/ophthalmology/vision-care to ophthalmologists and optometrists and students and practitioners of nutrition and vision science, and (iv) by identifying persons who have attended courses and programs in nutritional ophthalmology/optometry and those who have demonstrated expertise in one or more areas of nutritional optometry/ophthalmology;


d)         To publish at least an annual review of advances in nutritional optometry/ophthalmology and any other supportive publications within our capability;


e)         To enlist public support for the not-for-profit programs of the Institute.


Modified by the Board of Trustees, Dec. 22, 1998.  Nutritional Optometry Institute, Inc. —— a not-for-profit corporation,   Lake Hiawatha, NJ 07034-0131.

The Institute is an allied not-for-profit corporation which functions independently from the Nutritional Optometry Associates.

“In the Vanguard of Dietary Research and Integrative Therapy in the Prevention and Reversal of Eye and Vision Disorders”

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