Nutritional Optometry Associates 






THE NUTRITIONAL OPTOMETRY ASSOCIATES are dedicated to patient care and clinical application of what is known in nutritional optometry and preventive optometry, employing the best principles of ophthalmoergonomics, behavioral, developmental and environmental optometry and ophthalmology.





We would like to welcome the reader, your family and friends to our practice.  The professionals at our practice provide each patient with quality vision solutions and exceptional patient service.  We are experienced in all areas of vision care.  Maintaining healthy eyes requires regular vision and eye exams.  We look forward to serving you!



The Nutritional Optometry INSTITUTE is a non-profit, public-interest corporation dedicated to clinical research and teaching. More on the Institute and its mission in the next section.




“In the Vanguard of Dietary Research and Integrative Therapy in the Prevention and Reversal of Eye and Vision Disorders”

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